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Structural Steel Erection on-site

For any steel construction project, Truline Engineering has the capability to provide end-to-end service. From the planning and drafting stage, to design, fabrication and finally erection onsite, we guarantee to provide the best quality product and all around service. Truline provides a complete site erection service with modern, well-maintained cranes, a purpose designed crane truck and highly experienced staff.

Steel Erection

Steel erection involves lifting and placing components into position at the required site. Truline Engineering can perform this process in a safe, efficient and stable manner. Once in place, it needs to be bolted or welded depending on the requirements of the job. The assembled frame needs to be aligned before bolting up is complete. Our careful planning prior to the site process will ensure timely and accurate erection to reduce the risk of injury and also costs. Our main aim during the erection process is to preserve the stability of the structure at all times.


We plan this process from the outset of the project and have the specialty machinery required to complete it professionally and within the expected time frame. Safety is obviously of huge importance here also, and adequate planning needs to take place to ensure there are no accidents. Certain projects may require the team to be working at considerable heights, so the proper use of cranes reduces the risk of injuries during the process.

Truline Engineering takes every measure to ensure the stability of the structure and the wellbeing of everyone on site at all times. Please view our Forms page for more information about our legal requirements.